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5 Reasons to Choose a Sober Living Home - Momentum Recovery

5 Reasons to Choose a Sober Living Home

5 Reasons to Choose a Sober Living Home - Momentum Recovery

A sober living home serves as a bridge between going to an inpatient treatment program and trying to recover at your current residence. Once you move into this type of home, you will stay as long as your treatment plan requires for you to get stronger in sobriety. You will also find it is easier to stay sober when you are in a new environment that provides you with access to the tools you need to manage your addiction. Right now, you might be wondering what exactly does moving to a sober home involve and how is it better than just staying in your current house. Exploring the many benefits of choosing to stay in a sober living environment helps you make decisions that foster your personal growth and ability to stop using drugs and alcohol.

Stay Safe From Temptation In Sober Housing

The primary goal of a sober living recovery program is to provide you with a safer environment than what you might find at your current home. Whether you are leaving an abusive home situation or just knowing that you might cave in to temptation, starting your new lifestyle in a drug and alcohol-free environment gives you the best chance for success. Each member of a sober home agrees to keep drugs and alcohol off the premises. You will also benefit from knowing that coaches can help manage conflicts and make sure that everyone follows the house rules.

Enjoy More Independence In a Sober Living Recovery Program

Some people move to a sober living home after they finish an inpatient treatment program. Others go straight to sober living. In both situations, you will find that this type of environment allows you to begin practicing living independently by providing a personalized amount of structure. You will still attend life skills classes and therapeutic group sessions several times a week, but the reduced time you spend in therapy allows you to do other things, such as school. Living on your own also gives you a chance to practice critical life skills such as doing your laundry and preparing your own meals.

Receive Constant Guidance and Support In a Sober Living Environment

A sober community is filled with several types of people who can help you to stay strong. You will live near an onsite recovery coach who will help you use the right strategies to avoid giving in to cravings. You will also have peers from a variety of backgrounds who are all ready to help out. Some of your peers may have more experience with sobriety, and they can remind you of the reasons why you want to quit using drugs and alcohol. Others might need to lean on you, and sharing their burden reinforces all of the tools you are developing to avoid a relapse. As you get ready to leave the residence, you will also find support with planning for the transition, such as having someone help you find new housing and make sure that you are stable in your career.

Become an Integral Part of a Sober Community

Living in recovery is not all work and no play. You will find that life becomes more vibrant and filled with excitement now that drugs no longer dull your senses. As a part of a community of sober-minded people, you will discover that building healthy relationships is easy. Not only will you enjoy being able to hang out with your peers after a day of work or school, but you will also find fun new things to do during your time off. In a sober home, you might meet new friends who are eager to go camping, fishing, or kayaking. You also might enjoy having someone to do yoga with each morning. Feeling that sense of community reminds you why you want to stay sober, and staying busy helps reduce cravings.

Discover How to Make Living In Recovery Sustainable

Each day you spend in your sober home helps you learn how to manage everyday situations that come up before you have to handle them alone. At first, you might start with more structure in your sober environment that includes following more rules or being asked to complete specific tasks. Over time, you will be expected just to do these things naturally to become ingrained as part of your natural behaviors. Developing new healthy habits makes it easier to keep them up when you move to your permanent home.

Sober housing is designed to meet you where you are at and help you meet your goals for personal development. While you stay in the home, you will be able to avoid temptation while gradually exposing yourself to new situations such as going to work each day that help you grow stronger. If you do run into a problem, having immediate guidance enables you to avoid a relapse as you gradually transition to a completely independent living environment. Once you move out, you will still have close ties with your peers and a sober coach that helps you work hard, have fun, and know that you will always have support in sobriety.

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