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Selecting a program that is a good fit can seem to be an overwhelming task. We are here to be a resource for you, answer any questions you may have, and provide any insight you will need to make an informed decision. Give us a call or send an email and we will be happy to begin the process.


At Momentum Recovery, we understand that the completion of a primary treatment program is a huge step towards a meaningful life free from addiction. We also recognize that most individuals need additional support to continue to progress in their recovery. That is why we exist: to assist young adults in maintaining forward progress.

How to Build Confidence in Recovery - Momentum Recovery

How to Build Confidence in Recovery

Low self-esteem and addiction are often intertwined. This is because your mental health depends upon multiple factors, including staying sober and living in a stable environment. Addiction has a disturbing way of chipping away at your self-confidence. Each time you suffer the consequences of having an addiction, you might feel a sense of guilt that causes you to question...
The Benefits of Individual Therapy in Addiction Treatment - Momentum Recovery

The Benefits of Individual Therapy During Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment plans include several different forms of care to help you enjoy the best chances for a successful recovery. Working with a counselor one-on-one is an essential part of your treatment plan, and it works along with group therapy to help you find the most effective ways to cope with the underlying causes of your addiction. Learning more about individual...
5 Reasons to Choose a Sober Living Home - Momentum Recovery

5 Reasons to Choose a Sober Living Home

A sober living home serves as a bridge between going to an inpatient treatment program and trying to recover at your current residence. Once you move into this type of home, you will stay as long as your treatment plan requires for you to get stronger in sobriety. You will also find it is easier to stay sober when you are in a new environment that provides you with...
How to Find a Sponsor in Recovery - Momentum Recovery

How to Find a Sponsor in Recovery

Making positive personal connections is an integral part of your recovery journey. Sponsors play a valuable role in many addiction support groups, and you will often hear people talk about the importance of having someone who helps to make sure you never feel alone. Yet, figuring out how to find a sponsor is often one part of recovery where people tend to...