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Group therapy

Using Group Therapy For Addiction Recovery

Group therapy

If you are recovering from an alcohol or drug addiction, you may be questioning the idea of participating in group therapy. A lot of people can struggle to speak honestly with a therapist or counselor. They can have a very hard time speaking up about past trauma and feel intimidated by this new experience. Group therapy can help by allowing a recovering addict the opportunity to relate to those experiencing the same struggles, and feel comfortable expressing themselves in a setting of like minded individuals.

Effectiveness Of Group Therapy?

Therapy is a key part of the recovery process, and has been proven to be extremely effective in correcting negative behaviors. One of the ways to overcome an addiction and these negative behaviors is with group therapy. 

Humans are naturally very social creatures and thrive off of other people. By participating in group therapy, a recovering addict can find a like minded community, in a supportive environment, to help them on their recovery journey. It can provide them with a great sounding board and open their eyes to a variety of ideas they may not have had on their own. By being able to talk through problems and their addiction in a supportive environment, recovering addicts can better understand themselves and learn to control their addiction. 

How Is Group Therapy Conducted?

When a recovering addict has an interest in attending group therapy, they will need to be matched to a group that meets their individual needs. There are a variety of different methods that can work for them. It all depends on where they are in their recovery journey. Different types of sessions include support groups, interpersonal process groups, and cognitive behavioral therapy groups.

How group therapy is often conducted, is one or more licensed therapists will lead a group of about 5 to 15 people in an hour discussion every week. It is common for specific topics to be discussed in order to provide members of the group a chance to talk about their individual struggle. Most groups are designed to target different afflictions, so how the group will be conducted typically depends on what you’re going through.

Advantages of Group Therapy

While joining a group of strangers to talk about your personal struggle may sound intimidating, it can be incredibly helpful in the recovery process. For most people who participate in group therapy they claim that it was an incredibly helpful experience in getting them to open up about their addiction. 

Group therapy helps addicts destroy the misleading belief that they are alone in their thoughts and feelings. They soon discover many people share their same experiences through discussing them in therapy. A member of the group could speak about challenges they are facing in their life and someone else may have the same problem. When someone learns about another person’s similar situation, they begin to see their problems in a new way. Something that was once very challenging to deal with could now have a much easier solution.

Additionally, having a group of people to converse with can be greatly beneficial in improving your confidence. By actively engaging with a group of strangers, you’ll be able to work on your conversation skills and start to foster confidence in yourself and your new life in sobriety. 

Seeking Help

If you’re suffering from addiction, mental health, or co-occurring disorders and want to take back control of your life and start living healthy, reach out to the team at Momentum Recovery. We help treat a variety of addictions and issues that young men often struggle with. Our highly trained staff have the clinical experience and real world experience to help young men as they continue their transition from a life ruled by addiction to a life of freedom. We offer a variety of treatment options that are tailored to suit your needs.