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Family Therapy

The Importance of Family Therapy In Addiction Recovery

Family Therapy

If you are stuck in the cycle of addiction, it’s best to be aware of your options. You can either continue down the road of self-destruction and negative behavior, or throw up the white flag to begin your journey towards recovery

By educating yourself and putting your mind at ease about addiction recovery, the treatment process will allow you to learn the truth behind your addiction, and help you treat it. This will require that you spend considerable time working with addiction specialists and therapists in an individualized treatment setting. However, individual treatment is not the only important facet of recovering from addiction. 

Attending Family Therapy In Recovery

As is the case for many people struggling with addiction, your family has likely become entangled in your addiction. The enablers are struggling, and other family members may have become enveloped in the worst parts of your addictive behaviors. A large part of the addiction treatment process involves you working to get your life back on track in every way possible, and that includes making amends with family and friends. 

When the circumstances dictate, family therapy is integral to the addiction treatment process. There needs to be an understanding and healing among family members, and family therapy sessions are one of the best ways to achieve this goal. With that in mind, here are a few ways family therapy can make a huge difference in your recovery.

Mending Fences With Counseling

If you enter rehab with a lot of current family problems, you might be distracted during the treatment process. After all, these are likely the most important people in your life, so one can truly benefit from sitting down with family members to clear the air about past experiences. 

It’s also best that you approach family counseling with an open mind, plus a willingness to be humble and take responsibility for any issues you may have created. Conversely, it is possible that family issues helped drive you to addiction, which will also be addressed in family counseling sessions. Looking at the family situation as a whole, family counseling is going to be the best way to try and mend fences.

Educating Family Members

A big part of why families struggle while watching loved ones sink into the abyss of addiction is the lack of understanding about addiction in general. During family counseling, you can expect your therapist to focus on educating your family members about your addiction. They need to understand that you don’t have weak morals and character, you actually have a disease for which there is no cure. Your family also needs to understand the driving forces behind an addiction.

To be clear, this is not about eliciting sympathy from your family. It is about educating them on what you’re experiencing and why. It’s also meant to give them a better understanding in case of any future obstacles. 

Creating Support for the Future

Another integral part of the addiction recovery process is the need for a strong support system. A support system can be there to help you deal with negative feelings and keep you on the right track in your recovery. 

Your family is without question one of the most important support systems you can have in recovery. Going to therapy with them will help you rebuild the bond with your family and give you the support you need. It will also help teach you to be open and honest with your loved ones so that there is the opportunity to help one another on this journey towards a life without addiction.  

Seeking Help

One of the best indicators of long-term sobriety and the successful treatment of addiction and alcoholism is a high level of family involvement. At Momentum Recovery, we know first hand how vital family involvement is to our clients and their chances of success. Though we are a full service program, we encourage unencumbered family involvement through every step of the way. If you’re suffering from addiction, mental health, or co-occurring disorders and want to take back control of your life and start living healthy, reach out to the team at Momentum Recovery.