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Fear about addiction recovery

Overcoming Fears About Addiction Treatment

Fear about addiction recovery

Fear is a natural emotion that is meant to keep you out of danger. Yet, there are some times when fear can hold you back from doing things that are meant to better you. For people suffering from addiction, fear about going to rehab is a real obstacle to overcome, and it’s perfectly normal to worry about making a major change. 

In fact, lots of people go back and forth about seeking addiction treatment before they decide to go. If you’re still dealing with anxiety about seeking treatment, then don’t worry. You can start working your way past the emotions that are holding you back so that you can begin to feel confident about your decision.


Fear of Withdrawal 

There’s no way around the fact that withdrawal symptoms are real. When you’re beginning to quit alcohol or drugs, you can expect to suffer from some form of withdrawal. Headaches, nausea and mood swings are certainly unpleasant, and severe withdrawal requires medical attention for up to a week. A professionally trained medical and clinical staff can ensure you withdraw safely and effectively.


Fear of Putting Life On Pause During Addiction Recovery

Right now, you may be wondering what will happen with the other aspects of your life while you recover from addiction. After all, you may have a job, kids, pets and other responsibilities to manage. You might also worry about your friends and family while you’re receiving treatment. However, sometimes life has to be temporarily put on pause so that you can be a better spouse, parent, or employee. Once you start making plans to seek treatment, you’ll soon find that most people will do what it takes to help support you while you get healthy.


Fear of Failure

A large part of recovery anxiety often stems from the fear of not completing treatment or experiencing a relapse. You might also be worried about not being able to hold down a job or maintain a relationship in sobriety. That’s why it’s best to remember that sobriety isn’t easy, and not everyone’s experience is the same. You might fall down now and again, but each small step you make towards progress is a move in the right direction. Going through addiction recovery also gives you a group of people who will pick you up and help you keep going down the right path.


Find Support for Rebuilding Your Life

Facing uncertainty about the future is often another fear people experience when beginning recovery. You might have regrets about what addiction has brought to your life. You may have broken relationships, financial challenges, or health issues that have you feeling overwhelmed. Choosing a treatment program that takes you from the first day of recovery and supports you as you transition back to normal living is the best way to feel empowered as you start making amends and fixing parts of your life.


Embrace the Opportunity for a Positive Change

While you might have relied on drugs or alcohol for years to help you cope with different challenges in your life, you can learn new and better ways to deal with everyday stress. Whether you try meditation or counseling for help dealing with stress, each positive choice you make is a step towards a healthier and happier life. Each new day in sobriety really does get better, and one day you’ll look back with a sense of relief for all that you’ve overcome through your recovery from addiction.

If you’re ready to take back control of your life and start living healthy, reach out to the team at Momentum Recovery. We help treat a variety of addictions and issues that young men often struggle with. Our highly trained staff have the clinical experience and real world experience to help young men as they continue their transition from a life ruled by addiction to a life of freedom.