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Values Clarification at Momentum Recovery

Momentum: We create traction, velocity and forward progress in the lives of young men battling addiction.  At Momentum we help residents build on the body of work they began in primary treatment so that they can continue to move towards health and wellness.  We achieve this through a program of action, service and passion.

Community: We believe that relationships are the opposite of addiction.  It is through healthy connection with others that we recover. As we learn to build and maintain relationships with others, we decrease our dependence on outside sources that were proven to be detrimental in the past.

Gratitude:  As a result of continued personal growth we develop a change in our mindset, allowing us the capacity for gratitude. The experience of innumerable recovered persons shows that gratitude helps bring about the change in perspective necessary to sustain long term sobriety.  Gratitude compels us to give more than we take.